Midweek conditions at Lower basecamp

Midweek Pic’s are back. Check back every Wednesday for updates. WxFTR1968 Snow station installation complete.


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I am a proud member of the esteemed hunting camp rightfully named F-Troop. I am also the lazy caretaker of this half developed, outdated site. Don't worry, as always the "update is in progress!"

4 thoughts on “Midweek conditions at Lower basecamp

  1. hey don’t forget to move that table a little more to the right for next year. its in the way of the snowmobile path

  2. Any F-Trooper’s out there getting rid of any outdoor patio chairs, tables, grilles etc this spring please let me know. Rusty, broken and sharp desired. Needed for disruption of winter migration route of invasive SnoMoFo’s.

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